Meet The Team

  • Andrew Mallon - Branch Manager at Legacy Executives - Direct Marketing Firm
    • Andrew Mallon

    My name is Andrew Mallon and I am a Branch Manager at Legacy Executives. As a senior partner in the company my role is to oversee coaching, development and operations of all parts of our business.

    Originally, I was working in marketing and performance in the music industry in New York City but decided to make a career change to find a path that lined up with my long term growth goals. After getting hired at one of our branches in New York I felt like I had found an environment that resonated with me and worked my way up to a branch management position. I made the decision to change clients and expand to an area that was developing a little faster and opened up a new branch in Greensboro which I ran for a year before transitioning to partner with Danny and Tony in the Charlotte market. In business I believe that if you aren’t growing you are dying so I see it as my responsibility to make sure everyone in my circle from peers to my employees have the coaching and support they need to keep moving forward.

    In my other time I still deeply enjoy music and have recently started dabbling in real estate, a skill which I am excited to develop more moving forward.

  • Danny Williamson - Branch Manager at Legacy Executives - Direct Marketing Firm Charlotte
    • Danny Williamson

    My name Danny Williamson. I am one of the Branch managers for Legacy Executives.
    I look after all functions within the company making sure that the core values are applied to every position and embodied in the business. I am a huge believer in teamwork and growth.
    I have more than 10+ Years of experience in sales. Prior to starting the business in sales and marketing, I spent years crafting my passion in music. I also have a great deal of experience in music production, including marketing, videos and creating instrumentals. I have a bachelor’s degree in communications which was a building block to help start my business. Being around positive people is the 1st step in being successful!

  • Gabrielle Adams - Human Resources Managers at Legacy Executives - Direct Marketing Firm Charlotte North Carolina
    • Gabrielle Adam

    Hi! My name is Gabrielle Adams, I like to go by Gabby because I talk a lot so it makes the most sense. I am 22 years old and I am from Charlotte, North Carolina. I am currently a senior at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte studying Finance. I also work full time as one of the Human Resources Managers at Legacy Executives.

    I attended the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs right out of high school. My goal at the time was to become an Air Force Officer and fly fighter jets. However, I suffered from a serious knee injury, causing me to get out of the service and to completely change my career path. I returned to Charlotte, working different part time jobs, and I still had no idea what my next step in life would be.

    I received a phone call from Legacy Executives one day over the summer after finishing up my junior year of college, and little did I know that the conversation that took place that day would change my life forever. I met the Branch Managers Drew and Danny, and instantly fell in love with the work environment. Leaving my interview, I knew I belonged here.

    Working at Legacy has taught me numerous life lessons, showed me the true meaning behind team development, and has allowed me to not only grow in my career, but as a person. I am way more confident in myself than I have ever been, thanks to the intense positive energy and constant reassurance of my ability to be a top performer. The management here has taught me to step out of my comfort zone and constantly accept new challenges. Above all, I’ve made an everlasting relationship with every single team member here. Everyone is constantly supporting each other, encouraging each other to always be a better version of themselves. I am more than proud to say that the members at Legacy are my family and that no matter what, I will always have a home away from home.

  • Mikala Tarpy - Human Resources Managers at Legacy Executives - Direct Marketing Firm in North Carolina
    • Mikala Tarpy

    My name is Mikala Tarpy, I am one of the Human Resource Manager here at Legacy Executives. I graduated from Radford University with a degree in Communications. When I graduated, I was ready to get out and start my career. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do once I graduated and was not seeing results coming from applying to companies. I didn’t even have a set location of where I wanted to live, so I just started applying to multiple companies in different states.

    I then received a phone call from Legacy Executives and that is where my career really started! I left the interview being so happy because I felt as if I would belong here. I moved down to charlotte knowing absolutely nobody and did not even know the Charlotte area well. I am not a very extroverted person when you first meet me, so moving down to Charlotte was a really big life changing lesson for me and I was absolutely terrified. Here at Legacy Executives they all made me feel at home. I know that sounds cliché but it is truth. Danny and Drew are the best managers you could possibly work with they really only want the best for you and your future goals. I have grown to know all my coworkers so well and couldn’t imagine working with anyone else! I can count on every single one of them to be there for me. As for my future goals I plan to just keep growing within the company and really helping the company grow by bringing in individuals who want to grow and become mangers.

  • Angel Hernandez - Account Manager at Legacy Executives - Direct Sales and Marketing
    • Angel Hernandez

    My name is Angel Hernandez I am an account manager here with legacy executives.

    I am very thankful for this career opportunity as it has changed my life for the better. I have learned so much about the business, but mainly I have learned a lot of what I am actually capable to accomplish if I put my mind and all my focus into hitting my goals. We all work here as a big team and with my competitive background on the soccer field I can bring the same competition level to this career as well! The awesome environment that we have here also had a big part in my growth and development and I’m thankful for that.

    One of my main goals that I want to accomplish in the near future is open my own branch and give other sharp people the same opportunity that was given to me and see how big of in a impact it has on their life’s the same way it had huge impact on my life. I want to do the same for others and change their life ! I want to bring the same core values such as team work, positivity, optimism and the urge to never give up that we’re taught to me by my leader and have made me a better business man but mainly and even better person!

  • Andrew Arnold - Account Manager at Legacy Executives - Management Training
    • Andrew Arnold

    Hi! My name is Andrew Arnold. I am an account manager here at Legacy Executives. We have the opportunity of being able to work in a wonderful workplace environment; while also working with very outgoing, enthusiastic, determined individuals. Some of my responsibilities include taking out second rounds interviews, building my own team, while also maintaining and improving my sales and marketing skills. Moving forward, I plan to grow within the business to be able to open my own branch with all of the opportunities that I have been given. Some of my goals consist of starting up my own vehicle performance tuning shop, while also maintaining my own branch. I am driven by the fact of being able to change my families background and standing out amongst the other individuals.

  • Edgar Vargas - Team Leader at Legacy Executives - Direct Marketing Firm Charlotte
    • Edgar Vargas

    My name is Edgar Vargas, team leader at legacy executives. My goal with the company is to grow and develop the habits of a manager and CEO. Legacy executives has given me the opportunity to grow and develop at my own pace and make as many mistakes as I needed to in order to develop. Coming from a foreign background, I got to see a lot within my culture, the hunger, poverty and violence. I worked in the restaurant business for 4 years, but I always knew that I had a bigger path. With legacy executives, I’ve had the opportunity of setting short and long term goals that will lead me to the future that I desire. Legacy gives you the opportunity of having a team on your back, helps develop confidence and builds you as a business man/ woman. In my free time I enjoy watching podcast and spending time outdoors, but I also enjoy educating myself and learning about business. I’m excited to keep on growing and to one day open my own office.

  • Derick Brewer - Accountant Manager Here With Legacy Executives - Direct Marketing Firm Charlotte North Carolina
    • Derick Brewer

    My name is Derick Brewer. I am an accountant manager here with Legacy Executives. My role is effectively building and training entry level sales reps into strong account managers such as myself. I am a graduate of Winston Salem State University. During my time there, I was also a member of the Men's Basketball Team and Men's Cross Country Team. I plan to use my sales experience along with my passion for fitness to fulfill my dream of opening a gym within the next few years. I also love to read, write, as well as be in front of the camera. I plan on also publishing a few short stories or novels, as well as trying out YouTube in the near future. I am driven by success and each day I am getting closer to my goal of Branch Management.

  • Eduardo Flores - Account Manager at Legacy Executives - Direct Marketing Firm in North Carolina
    • Eduardo Flore

    My name is Eduardo Flores and I am an Account Manager at Legacy Executives.

    I am very thankful for the blessing’s life has brought me and for the amazing set of opportunities that were challenging but showed me who I could be. Moving forward I plan to expand and open up my own branch, which would be Express Enterprises. My goal is to grow within the organization and motivate sharp individuals to hit their goals while I invest into assets. My ultimate goal is to own rental properties in the future after establishing a steady foundation within my business. My values consist of giving thanks to God for everything he puts me through and builds me as a person. I’m a firm believer that changing your environment can change your perception.